Sophie Twining is a 20-year-old photographer and printmaker from Portsmouth, UK. She’s currently studying Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University with the ambition of exhibiting and curating photographic works and running her own business. Her love for the outdoors is innate, being environmentally conscious and an avid explorer of the natural world from a young age. 

My Story

I love to photograph anything and everything, however it is the often-overlooked details found in nature that I always find myself drawn to. Although I sometimes shoot digitally, analogue photography is increasingly becoming my main passion. I feel I’m more present, taking time to really observe my surroundings. I envision how the photograph will look in terms of composition and illumination and consider the ways in which I can convey the beauty I see to the viewer. There is a need for patience and mindfulness which encourages more than just a fleeting moment as I press the shutter, but a time to ground myself in my surroundings and reconnect with my wonderment for the environment around me. There’s a need for patience, whether that be to allow for unwanted distractions to leave the frame, or for the lighting to change in order to complete a configuration. I find the printmaking technique, photoetching to be a continuance of my meticulous process. Each print is carefully crafted by hand, making every outcome unique.